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Hero Robots are playable NFTs and are the key element of Moon Robots game. Owning a Robot enables players to earn $OIL and valuable Items in strategic and powerful ways. Owning 2 or more Robots allows players to breed their Robots to create higher generation Robots.


Hero Robots come in 4 rarity types:
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
Robot Rarity determines the max total sum of its Stats. It also determines the rarity of the Robots it can breed and the rarity of Items it can find on Quests.


The Robot Heroes that come out of initial 10,000 Eggs are Genesis (Gen 0) Robots. Genesis Robots have some special game properties (can't die and have unlimited Breed Count) and additional benefits (fixed supply, supported by external exchanges, have PFP compatibility, have visual traits etc.)
Breeding Genesis Robots produces Gen 1 Robots etc. Higher generation Robots can have better stats and skills combinations because they inherit stats from their parents which enables selective breeding for certain Stats, Skills and Perks.


Element is another property each Robot will possess:
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Plasma
So far only three Elements have been discovered. There are rumors that Robots with more exotic Elements exist beyond the Dimensional Gate.


Each Robot has at least one Skill. Skills determine Robot's performance in main game actions such as harvesting $OIL, scavenging for Items and breeding new Robots. Genesis Robots can have one or more of these three Skills:
  • Harvesting
  • Scavenging
  • Breeding


Stats are one of the most important parameters of Robots. They grow with Level and determine Robot's performance on Quests (and in PvP when it releases)
  • STR - Strength
  • AGI - Agility
  • INT - Intelligence
  • STA - Stamina
  • HP - Health
  • BRD - Breeding

Leveling Up

Every time a Robot returns from a Quest, they collect some amount of XP. After collecting enough XP, the Robots can go through Level Up process. Leveling Up requires a payment in $OIL and $GOLD. One or more Stats will increase with each Level depending on Robot's Race and Rarity.
To be able to control Robot's development during Leveling, Ascension Item can be used. Ascension Items are very rare and can affect how the Robot will change. For example, Obsidian Cogwheel can be used to increase the chance of STR +1 when Leveling Up. Another example: Forward Transmutation Circuit can change the Robot's Element clockwise according to Elemental Triangle (Fire -> Ice -> Plasma) during Leveling Up.

Robo Eggs

New Robots don't magically appear out of nowhere—they come out of Robo Eggs inside of which they incubate and self-assemble into Robots. Robo Eggs take time to hatch, but depending on type of the Egg, hatching can be expedited using Incubators and special rare Items.
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