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Whitelist Tickets
ATTENTION: Whitelist Tickets are deprecated. It is not recommended to buy them! Existing holders of Whitelist Tickets will be able to burn them for STARDUST. Free Mint tickets can be redeemed for Robot Eggs until 14 June 2022.

Whitelist NFT Tickets

The ticket NFTs could be obtained via Twitter and Discord community events (giveaways, competitions, member rewards etc.) or can be purchased on NFT marketplaces from other ticket owners.
Each Ticket guaranteed a mint allocation and a provided a discount:
  • Bronze Ticket: 1 Egg, 5% discount
  • Silver Ticket: 3 Eggs, 5% discount
  • Gold Ticket: 5 Eggs, 5% discount
  • Epic Ticket: 3 Eggs, 10% discount
Discounts didn't stack, but amounts did (e.g. if you have 2x Gold Tickets, your guaranteed allocation is 10x Eggs at 5% discount). To use the Ticket, simply have it on your wallet during the mint. The checkout UI will offer you to use the Ticket if it detects that you have it. WL NFT Tickets can guarantee allocation only during the WL sale period, after which the sale will be conducted on first-come, first-serve basis.

Free Mint NFT Tickets

The Free Mint ticket NFTs can be obtained via:
  • OTC purchases of "20x Free Mint" tickets during community presale (check our Discord)
  • Whitelist ticket conversion into 1x/3x/5x Free Mint tickets
  • Twitter and Discord community events (giveaways, competitions, member rewards etc.)
Free Mint tickets can be found here:
Each Ticket guarantees a free mint:
  • 1x Free Mint Ticket: 1 Egg
  • 3x Free Mint Ticket: 3 Eggs
  • 5x Free Mint Ticket: 5 Eggs
  • 20x Free Mint Ticket: 20 Eggs
Minting 20 Eggs at once will grant 2x Moon Land Voucher as a bonus! There will be an interface implemented to facilitate adding up all of the Free Mint, Whitelist Tickets & Regular Mints all together to facilitate 20 Egg Mints at once in various combinations.

NFT Token Contract

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